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New Atlantis

by Pauline Julier


by Michele Pennetta

My English Cousin

by Karim Sayad


by Germinal Roaux

The With With White Haïr

 by Maya Kosa and Sergio da Costa

Global Diabete

by Benoît Rossel


by Carmen Jaquier

Drapeau noir

by Germinal Roaux

Le sel des larmes

by Philippe Garrel


by Berni Goldblat

Sing Me A Song

by Thomas Balmès


by Valentin Rotelli

Bird of passing

by Sergio da Costa and Maya Kosa

A l’ouest du reste

by Fisnik Maxhuni

After the Colapse

by Frédéric Choffat

Madeleine Collins

by Antoine Barraud

Mon enfant à l’hôpital

by Alexandre Lachavanne

La peau de l’homme

by Louis Hans-Moëvi

Le chien de rouge

by Yasmina Zoutat


by Fisnik Maxhuni and Benoît Goncerut